Singapore Snow City - Plan Your Visit

The different rides and attractions in Singapore Snow Cityare planned around its snowy wonderland theme. The entire setup is quite visually pleasing and popular amongst visitors of all ages. While it has open fields of snow for younger children, it also has activities like shooting for the guests looking for a little more complex activities. Plan your visit to Singapore Snow City well in advance so that you don’t waste time on the site. Here is everything you need to know!

Singapore Snow City Opening Hours

  • What are Singapore Snow City opening hours?
    Singapore Snow City is open from:
    Tues to Sun: 10 AM - 5 PM
    Open daily on School | Public holidays: 10 AM to 6 PM
  • When is the best time to visit Singapore Snow City?
    The best time to visit Snow City is during the offseason when the crowd is on the lower side. Snow City is best visited in February, March, and April. The earlier you visit Singapore Snow City, the less crowded it will be. The perfect time to visit the playground is within the first few hours after it opens.
  • How long should I spend at Singapore Snow City?
    Visitors spend a maximum of 1 to 2 hours at Singapore Snow City

Singapore Snow City Location

Getting There

Singapore snow city

Singapore Snow City Facilities & Services

  • Parking: Paid Parking is available for the visitors of Singapore Snow City.
  • Attire: A jacket and a pair of boots will be provided at the entry to counter the extreme temperature of Singapore Snow City.
  • Attractions: There are several attractions within the park-like snow blizzard, slides, bumper cars, and shooting arenas that keep the children entertained throughout.
  • Dining: Singapore Snow City has two restaurants that provide delicious food for visitors to enjoy.
  • Shopping: A gift shop is also present at Singapore Snow City from where you can gift items and collectables.

Tips for Visiting Singapore Snow City

  • Temperatures in the Snow Chamber are below freezing. To prevent extreme pain, dress warmly.
  • Wear gloves to Singapore Snow City if you are susceptible to getting cold.
  • Get pictures from the Snow City photographers, which you can pick up before leaving.
  • To make the most of being in a subzero setting, order hot chocolate from the hot chocolate shop.
  • For the time being, the maximum number of people allowed is limited to 130. Purchase tickets online and reserve your spot.
  • If you want to avoid crowds, make note of Singapore Snow City timings and plan your visit during the early hours. Avoid visiting on weekends as it tends to get crowded, especially during evenings.
  • To make your experience at Snow City safer, use contactless payment methods.

How To Buy Singapore Snow City Tickets?

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All Your Questions About Singapore Snow City Answered

Q. Is there any dress code inside Singapore Snow City?

A. Yes, since parts of Singapore Snow City operate at subzero temperatures, you must wear warm clothes if you want to avoid health hazards. The venue will provide you with jackets and boots upon arrival as well.  Make sure to plan your visit accordingly.

Q. Are strollers and wheelchairs available inside Singapore Snow City?

A. No, strollers and wheelchairs are not available for hire at Singapore Snow City. Make sure to plan your visit accordingly.

Q. Is Singapore Snow City suitable for toddlers?

A. Yes, toddlers can enjoy the activities at Singapore Snow City.

Q. Is outside food allowed in the Singapore Snow City?

A. No, you cannot bring food from outside at Singapore Snow City.

Q. What type of restaurants does Singapore Snow City offer?

A. You can enjoy quick bites, meals, as well as drinks at the restaurants within Singapore Snow City.

Q. Are there any ATMs available at Singapore Snow City?

A. No, ATMs are not available within Singapore Snow City.

Q. Are lockers available inside Singapore Snow City?

A. No, lockers are not available at Singapore Snow City.

Q. Is there a baby room inside Singapore Snow City?

A. No, Singapore Snow City does not have a baby room.

Q. Is there a free parking space inside Singapore Snow City?

A. No, Singapore Snow City does not have free parking. Paid parking, however, is available.

Q. Can children enter the Singapore Snow City alone?

A. Children below 7 years of age must always be accompanied by an adult.