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Singapore Snow City - City's First Indoor Snow Center

Singapore, an island nation off the coast of Southeast Asia, has been on the minds of travelers for decades. Few tourist destinations in the southern hemisphere can compare to Singapore. Snow was the one thing that Singapore lacked. Singapore Snow City, but, now has that covered. Singapore Snow City is Singapore's first permanent indoor snow playground. It is a family-oriented attraction drawing an average of a quarter of a million visitors from around the world each year. With multiple activities and unique experiences, Singapore Snow City is a must-visit attraction if you are in the city.

Singapore Snow City Highlights

Before you plan your visit to Singapore Snow City, check out the top highlights that you need to cover during your visit.

More to Explore at Singapore Snow City

Singapore Snow City

Winter Shooting Arena

The Winter Shooting Arena is a brand-new extension to Snow City's winter and snow activities. This activity offers a unique, fun, and invigorating target shooting activity in a closed sub-zero environment for visitors aged 14 and up. You can put your teamwork and accuracy to the test as you and your family and friends take down various paintball markers in a snowfield.

Singapore Snow City

Drift on Ice

Another recent addition to Snow City's snow and winter experience is Drift on Ice, Singapore's first sub-zero bumper car experience. The 5-minute bumper car ride has all the aspects of a traditional carnival ride, except it's on ice and in sub-zero temperatures. This unique activity, called "Singapore's Coldest Bumper Car Arena" by the Singapore Book of Records, is perfect for families and groups of friends looking for a fun time."

Singapore Snow City

Travelling Ice & Snow Events

Singapore Snow City lets you experience various travelling snow-themed shows that stay for a limited time. Snow Fun House is the current show that you can experience. At Singapore's Largest Snow-Filled Display House, you can immerse yourself in sub-zero temperatures and get the full winter experience. At this temporary snow attraction, the fun never stops for both kids and adults.

Singapore Snow City

The Cliff

Try your hand at Singapore's first-ever vertigo climbing wall, The Cliff. The wall has ten climbing lanes of varying degrees of difficulty that are suitable for Lead and Speed climbing, and it can hold up to 20 climbers at once. Start your sport climbing journey with The Cliff and discover your true potential. This activity is appropriate for birthday parties and events.

Singapore Snow City


With so many themed attractions at Singapore Snow City, you are bound to want to bring a few souvenirs home to remember your visit. Shaman's Souvenir Shop is the place to go for mementoes and gifts from Singapore Snow City. Shaman's Souvenir Shop has everything from snow globes to soft toys.

Singapore Snow City


There are two eateries within Singapore Snow City. Fountain Microbrewery & Restaurant is a great place to stop for a nightly bite and enjoy a drink after exploring Snow City. The other outlet is Nooka’s Snack Bar. This eatery is suitable for grabbing quick bites between activities. Both these places are great dining options within Singapore Snow City.

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All Your Questions About Singapore Snow City Answered

Q. What is Singapore Snow City?

A. Singapore Snow City is the first permanent indoor snow playground in the island city-state. This family-oriented attraction has emerged to be a crowd favorite in Singapore.

Q. Is Singapore Snow City open post-COVID-19?

A. Yes, Singapore Snow City is open post-Covid-19.

Q. How big is the Singapore Snow City?

A. Singapore Snow City is spread over a floor area of 3,000 square meters or 32,000 square feet.

Q. What is unique about Singapore Snow City?

A. Singapore Snow City is known for its snow chamber and the various unique snow-themed attractions like Drift on Ice and Winter Shooting Arena.

Q. Is it safe to visit Singapore Snow City post-COVID-19?

A. Singapore Snow City has come up with extensive safety measures to make the theme park safe for visitors. These include mandatory temperature checks at all times, usage of signs and floors markers to follow social distancing protocol, rigorous cleaning regulations and more.

Q. Where is Singapore Snow City located?

A. Singapore Snow City is located at 21 Jurong Town Hall Rd, Singapore 609433.

Q. What are Singapore Snow City opening hours?

A. Singapore Snow City is open from Tuesdays to Sundays between 10 AM and 5 PM. Singapore Snow City is closed on Mondays if it isn’t a school or public holiday. On school or public holidays, Singapore Snow City is open daily from 10 AM to 6 PM. For more information, you can check out the timings page of Singapore Snow City.

Q. What’s the best time to visit Singapore Snow City?

A. Singapore's weather is fairly stable throughout the year. As a result, the best time to visit Snow City is during the offseason, when the crowd is on the lower side. Snow City is best visited in February, March, and April.

Q. How much time do you need in Singapore Snow City?

A. You may need up to 4 hours at Singapore Snow City, depending on the kind of experience you are looking forward to.

Q. Is Singapore Snow City an outdoor or indoor park?

A. Singapore Snow City is an indoor park.

Q. What are the best things to do inside Singapore Snow City?

A. The best things to do at Singapore Snow City are Winter Shooting Arena, Arctic Snow Slide, and shopping at Shaman's Souvenir Shop.